Hi! I'm Nikos; I build web applications and train developers. I love to give inspiring talks on JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js.

Training offerings

Corporate training

I would love to come to you and train some of your people in the latest web technologies and techniques!

I offer the below courses. I run each course over 3-5 days. I can tailor each course depending on your team's needs. I can also offer combination classes by mix and matching sections.

JS data-types, functional programming, promises, ES2015, Webpack js building and VanillaJS DOM manipulation.

JavaScript vs TypeScript, TypeScript versions, Typings, React usage, Angular 2 usage, tsconfig and Webpack ts building.

Component design, publishing to npm, reusability. How to make a router, popup, terminal and datagrid components.

Application patterns, composing Typescript components, making a space invaders game.

Cloud based

I started this YouTube channel in 2016 to teach programing. All code videos have the source on Github. Feel free to pop over and be entertained.

Application design and development

I would love to build you an app! I can organise a team of developers and start working on your requirements. To keep things simple I prefer to hire out my coders via an hourly or daily rate rather than fixed price projects. My team uses Trello for task management and project milestones.

Companies I've worked with

Some nice words about my work

Me and Nikos first talked in a support channel for react-native. He was very quick to respond and even quicker to offer extraordinary help with react-native. For me this was the first time I was in contact with react-native. Have done a lot of programming before in both javascript and other languages. But react-native is a lot more than just the programming aspect. Nikos guided me through the steps of how to troubleshoot an app that does not work. Showed me and explained how to structure a react-native app and also explained in great detail of why it should be designed in this certain way all at the same time as he answered all my questions. Nikos has an awesome vibe when it comes to teaching people and is also super friendly. I could not have wished for a better introduction for react-native than I got from Nikos. He would be the first person I would hire for any react-native project. This is a person I hope I will keep as a friend in the future as well.


Nikos provided my team with tailor made JavaScript training that changed the way we leverage our analytics code. With his help we were able to identify and resolve issues within our code and then redeploy quickly.

Eric Marketing Innovation Manager at Dixons Carphone

Training with Nikos really helped me to gain the confidence to bootstrap my career in Tech. I am very grateful for the time I spent with him and I needed advice the most

Julien developer at Clearscore

Nikos is an excellent trainer. I'd had little success being self taught, but he was quickly able to identify the technical areas I needed to improve, in order to move forward. With his help, I was able to land my first job as a junior frontend developer!

Chris front-end developer

At the very beginning my career I was lucky enough to have Nikos there to help me advance my skills. He is a brilliant teacher.

Hannah developer at Barclays

Speaking history, events and milestones

Date Details
2017/02/22 Opus London TypeScript usage in Angular 2, React, Node and Vanilla
2017/02/09 Ember London Vanilla TypeScript components
2017/02/06 Created the Vanilla TypeScript tag on GitHub
2016/11/10 Ember London TypeScript space invaders
2016/09/27 Created my YouTube channel
2015/07/09 Ember London Recording acceptance tests with ember-cli-test-recorder

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